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 Recommended date range: 1st March - 30th September 

A Beautiful Paris City Trip
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What you'll do
  • Day 1- Check-in to La Maison Favart Hotel

    La Maison Favart is one of the oldest hotels in Paris, dating all the way back to 1824. It’s full of fascinating history and a whimsical romance story, with an invitingly warm and intimate atmosphere. The hotel offers 39 lavish rooms which are beautifully decorated with 18th-century Parisian textiles and finishes, fit for an Insta-Queen. After check-in, explore Arc de Triomphe.... Show more

  • Day 2- Go sightseeing around Paris

    Explore Avenue de Camoëns, Pont Alexandre III and The Palace of Versailles. The latter is technically outside of Paris, however, the Palace of Versailles is definitely worth a visit for its unparalleled beauty and French Baroque architecture. Not to mention the famous Hall of Mirrors which is something you really have to experience in person. You need to catch the RER line C5 train which costs €8 for a return trip from central Paris, followed by a 5-minute stroll to get in. I recommend getting the ‘Passport’ ticket for €20.... Show more

  • Day 3- Visit the most Iconic Monument: Eiffel Tower

    See the Eiffel Tower the Pont D’Iéna Bridge, where you can see the view of the Eiffel Tower and can be reached from here where you take the steps down at the side of the Pont d’Iéna bridge. We had the place to ourselves for ages (unlike other Paris Instagrammable spots) and it’s such a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower – just watch out for the bird poop!... Show more

  • Day 4- The stunning hidden gems

    Today you will visit Jardin du Palais Royal, landscaped grounds of a 17th-century palace with a large fountain, tree-lined walkways & flowerbeds. I wanted to show how stunning this location is in Autumn in comparison to summer. It’s still hands down one of my favorite spots in Paris. ... Show more

  • Day 5- Hôtel des Grands Boulevards

    Every aspect of the rooms at Hotel des Grands Boulevards are designed and considered down to the very last detail – room key and all. On my previous trip to Paris, we stayed in their Junior Suite which featured one of the MOST Instagrammable pink bathrooms I have ever laid my eyes on. Away from all the commotion however still within the heart of the bourgeois district, during your stay you’ll be surrounded by many a choice of bars, boutiques and hip restaurants.... Show more

Where you’ll stay
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Hotel des Grands Boulevards

Please be aware of signage within the Hotel outlining the COVID 19 Health and Safety procedures in place- hands sanitisers - Contact less payment encouraged - rooms and key card disinfected - reduced seating capacity in restaurant and bar- social distanci

Facilities of Hotel des Grands Boulevards

Sightseeing & Activities
Day 1
Le Café Marly, the Louvre

93 Rue de Rivoli, Paris

Le Café Marly, the Louvre - probably the most expensive Caffe latte you’ll ever drink during your time on this planet, however, I would argue that it’s worth it for the view of the Louvre.

Anywhere along the River Seine

17 Boulevard Poissonnière, Paris

River Seine - anywhere along the river Seine that has a view of the Iron Lady, and no, I’m not referring to Margaret Thatcher. I snapped the above photo whilst strolling down the Seine at sunset.

Day 2
Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III, Paris

Pont Alexandre III - This 19th century Art Nouveau style bridge on the river Seine is the perfect spot for an impromptu photo shoot worthy of the pages of Vogue.

Avenue de Camoëns

2 Avenue de Camoens, Paris

Avenue de Camoëns - better in the Autumn when the trees turn a vivid auburn colour. It was once a secret smoking spot for local teenagers.

Day 3
Visit Arc de Triomphe

225 Rue de l’Université, Paris

Explore Arc de Triomphe, the iconic French spot

Day 4
La Maison Rose

La Maison Rose, Paris

La Maison Rose - a charming little restaurant in Montmartre. This location is straight out of a fairytale.

Visit the Pink Mamma Restaurant

Rue du Maréchal Harispe, Paris

This Italian restaurant gets an honourary mention. Not only for its drool-inducing sourdough pizza but for that stunning staircase that looks even more picturesque in Autumn with the vibrant trees peeping through the windows.

Day 5
Steps of the Trocadéro

Eiffel Tower, Paris

You’ve seen this pose a million times before on your Instagram newsfeed. It’s almost a tourist right of passage when visiting Paris. But let me just tell you something real quick: perching on these steps is equally terrifying as it is slippery.


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