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 Recommended date range: 5th July - 30th November 

Holiday to The Cook Islands
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What you'll do
  • Day 1- Set sail on the Koka Lagoon Cruise

    A family-friendly fun day out on a glass-bottom boat with plenty of fish feeding, snorkeling, crab racing, and coconut tree climbing. Explore the calm Muri Lagoon with the energetic Koka Lagoon Cruise crew who will keep you entertained the moment you climb aboard with their ukulele playing, drumming, and cheeky storytelling. It’s a fantastic day out and incredible value at £40 per adult & £20 per child, with snorkeling equipment and lunch included.... Show more

  • Day 2- Sundays at Cook Islands Christian Church

    Sundays are sacred in the Cook Islands, it’s the day of sleeping, eating, and singing. Visitors are welcome to attend Sunday services where you will hear the most beautiful harmony of voices and traditional Cook Islands hymns from the locals. It’s one of those experiences that will uplift you and make you feel at peace with the world. After the service has ended, you are invited to refreshments which is the perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals and hear more about the history of the island and the church. ... Show more

  • Day 3- Island Night at Te Vara Nui Village

    Liven up your evenings with a visit to Te Vara Nui Village for Island Night where you can experience the spectacular live over-water show and a buffet-style feast. Your evening entertainment will be performed by Raratonga’s world-class dancers and musicians who tell the local story of ‘The Legend of Tongaiti’ through torchlight dances on floating stages, fast drumming, and singing which echoes loudly through the waterfall garden. It’s a feast for both your eyes and stomachs, with a delicious flowing Island/Western fusion buffet, making it the perfect night out for families, couples, and big groups.... Show more

  • Day 4- Vaka Cruise to One Foot Island

    Set sail on the crystal clear waters of Aitutaki’s lagoon with the Vaka Day Cruise and visit the picture-perfect One Foot Island. This is an action-packed day out where you’ll get to snorkel with colorful sea life, stroll on the white sandy beaches of various islands, swim in the pristine turquoise water, and feast on a generous BBQ buffet-style lunch on board. The staff on board the Vaka Cruise are without a doubt what makes the trip a standout. Not only are the crew incredibly friendly and attentive, but they will also keep you entertained with their fascinating stories, quick wit, and talents.... Show more

Where you’ll stay
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4
Little Polynesian Resort

Traditionally inspired hideaway on the sands of one of the most beautiful beaches of Rarotonga. Set on the peaceful southern shore of Rarotonga- Little Polynesian Resort is the backdrop for blissful beach escapes. Wake to Pacific Ocean views from a Beachf

Facilities of Little Polynesian Resort

Sightseeing & Activities
Day 1
Go on a Discover Bicycle Tour

Muri, Muri, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Go off the beaten track and discover the tropical hinterland of Rarotonga with an exclusive look at local flora and fauna as part of the Storytellers Eco Cycle Tour. You’ll get a front-row seat to view the rich cultural heritage along the Ancient Coral Ro

Day 2
Get to know the locals on a Progressive Dinner Tour

Muri, Muri, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

On this tour, you’ll get to experience what life is like in the local villages and experience true Cook Islands cuisine, culture & lifestyle.

Day 4
Island Night at Aitutaki Village

Amuri, Arutanga, Cook Islands

Head to the Island Night at Blue Lagoon Restaurant in Aitutaki Village to catch stellar sunsets, feast your way through a buffet of traditional Cook Islands cuisine, and be entertained by the local dance troupe and fire performers.


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