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 Recommended date range: 23rd June - 30th September 

Hotel Indigo Manchester
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What you'll do
  • Day 1- The Refuge & Richmond Tea Rooms

    Probably the most beautiful food and drink spot in Manchester called The Refuge. The design here is incomparable and it’s an amazing photo spot. In addition to the high ceilings, there is a beautiful glass pavilion in the middle of the restaurant. Do you want to enjoy your tea in a fairytale setting like in Alice in Wonderland? Then you should not miss visiting the Richmond Tea Rooms. The perfect place for a cup of tea, delicious pastries or a cosy late breakfast.... Show more

  • Day 2- The Old Wellington Inn & Piccadilly Records

    The Old Wellington Inn is an Old English pub in Manchester. The listed building was built in 1552 and is therefore historically worth a visit. It is located next to Selfridges and is therefore easy to plan shopping trips. You are Music lovers? Then you should not miss one of the city’s most iconic record shops. At Piccadilly Records, you will find records from all imaginable genres and of course from some top bands of the last decades. In addition, it is also ideal as a photo location.... Show more

Where you’ll stay
Day 1, Day 2
Hotel Indigo Victoria Station

At the gateway to the Northern Quarter, with its laid back Bohemian vibe, sits Hotel Indigo Manchester Victoria Station hotel. Just a short distance from Manchester City Centre, and a one minute walk from Manchester Victoria train station. This is a ne

Facilities of Hotel Indigo Victoria Station

Sightseeing & Activities
Day 1
John Rylands Library

Manchester, M3 3EH

Definitely worth a visit is the beautiful John Rylands Library. The Victorian Gothic architecture style is simply impressive. It almost feels like being in a fairy tale as you walk through the corridors and bookshelves.

Day 2
Manchester Town Hall

Town Hall Extension, M2 5DB

It is worthwhile to visit the Manchester Town Hall. Also an impressive building with fascinating architecture.


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