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 Recommended date range: 1st July - 30th June 

The Perfect 7-Day Madeira Itinerary
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What you'll do
  • Day 1- Exploring Funchal Old Town, Monte Palace

    We arrived in Funchal before noon and parked our car in the centre, just next to the market – Mercado dos Lavradores. Let me tell you that if you haven’t visited Mercado Dos Lavradores, you haven’t visited Funchal. We continued our way up towards the historic buildings of Zona Velha, the first settlement’s place. History enthusiasts, architecture buffs like us will enjoy the area’s atmosphere. The Monte Palace is a 70,000-square-meter area featuring a beautiful garden, a small lake, and a museum. The botanical garden holds a collection of more than 100,000 species. They include orchids, azaleas, ferns, cycads, and more.... Show more

  • Day 2- São Lourenço

    Situated in the East, Vereda da Ponta de São Lourenço features fabulous landscapes, unique flora, and fauna. This coastal 7km track took us to the furthest eastern point of the island. The area is famous for its rock formations, created by volcanic erosions over many years. Located about half an hour from Funchal, we got to the trailhead by car. We spent a couple of hours clambering over rocks and walking along the peninsula.... Show more

  • Day 3- Hike Pico do Ariero to Pico Ruivo

    By far the highlight of our Madeira itinerary and, to be honest, one of the highlights of my entire life was Pico do Arieiro. The word ‘speechless’ is thrown around a lot but never have I been more speechless in my life. Madeira is just full of scenic hikes.... Show more

  • Day 4- Santana & Parque das Queimadas

    Santana is a beautiful village stretching along the northern coast of Madeira. Known for its traditional triangle-shaped homes, this town is a must-visit stop. The homes are natural stone with a straw rooftop and used to be local farmers’ residences in the 16th century. Located in Santana, The Queimadas Forest Park is Madeira’s natural gem. Start at the parking lot and head deep into the park to reach the mesmerizing Levada do Caldeirão Verde. It’s a spectacular walk and an ideal opportunity to escape from urban life. Enjoy the amazing flora and fauna, with waterfalls and exciting birds seen on-site.... Show more

  • Day 5- Levada das 25 Fontes

    Located in Rabaçal in Paul da Serra, Levada das 25 Fontes is an iconic trail in Madeira. You can access it via the regional road ER110, and from there, you can walk or take a bus to reach the start of the trail. There are two trails with two different parking lots. Both are part of one of the island’s most visited levadas. The walk is about 11 km roundtrip and will lead you to some of the island’s most outstanding sites. You will see Lagoa das 25 Fontes, 25 water springs streaming down into the lagoon. If you feel courageous, you can take a swim in the cool refreshing water.... Show more

  • Day 6- Bridal Veil Falls, Seixal Natural Pools, Ribeira De Janela

    The Véu da Noiva Viewpoint, located close to Seixal, is a very picturesque viewpoint. This romantic setting got its name thanks to the Véu da Noiva waterfall, which looks like a bride’s veil. For epic views and photos, head out to explore Seixal Natural Pools. It’s one of the island’s top attractions, and it’s free of charge! Located near Laje Beach, it’s a secluded area, usually not overwhelmed by tourists. Ribeira da Janela is a small village in the Porto Moniz area, named after the island’s longest river. It’s an important agricultural area for the country, producing potatoes and grapes. However, the village is best known for its wonderful Levada.... Show more

  • Day 7- Dolphin and whale watching

    Madeira is an ideal place for whale and dolphin watching. If that’s on your travel bucket list, travel to the island between April and October. While you can try and plan it yourself, the best solution is to take a tour by a local tour company. Don’t worry about not spotting wildlife, as there are always a few whales and over 20 dolphin species. The speedboat tour is the fastest way to cover long distances and to see more species over the same time. It’s also more suitable for those who are prone to seasickness. The catamaran tour costs around 9 GBP per person, while the speedboat is about 4 GBP per person. ... Show more

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Sightseeing & Activities
Day 1
Funchal Cable Car Experience

Av. do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses, 9060-190 Funchal, Portugal

See the city from the bird’s view in one of the comfortable cable cars in Funchal. Two cable cars connect various parts of the city. Enjoy incredible views of the town and its surroundings and the Port of Funchal.

Day 2
Balcões de Ribeiro Frio

Ribeiro Frio, 9000-000 Santana, Portugal

Starting at Ribeiro Frio, a natural park north of the island, it’s a short walk to the famous Vereda Dos Balcões. After that, it’s an easy 3 km roundtrip hike, which follows the Levada of Serra do Faial.

Day 3
Ninho da Manta & Pedra Rija

R. do Arieiro, Funchal, Portugal

On your hike, you’ll also see Ninho da Manta viewpoint (great for birdwatching!) and a vast area called Pedra Rija, a few short tunnels, and many other neat spots.

Day 4
Farol da Ponta de São Jorge

Madeira, Portugal

Built-in 1959 on the island’s north-eastern coast, Farol da Ponta de São Jorge is an active lighthouse. Located on the top of Sao Jorge cliffs, it grants fascinating views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 5
Fanal Forest

Paul da Serra, Madeira, Portugal

Located on the north-western end of Madeira, the Final Forest is a great Instagrammable spot. In addition, it is a scenic location for photography. It’s about 50 km from Funchal and 10 km east of Ribeira Da Janela.

Day 6
São Vicente

Madeira Island, Portugal

Sao Vicente is a small village located between Santana and Porto Moniz. It’s a lovely stop with stunning beaches, restaurants, and bars.


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