Earn money for hosting an independent adventure experience

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About Ventoura?

Ventoura is a creator marketplace for people to list, discover, and book independent adventure experiences, stays and things to do around the world.

What is an independent adventure?

Independent adventures, taken literally, is a form of adventure travel that is flexible, customisable, and where the traveller is in control over their time and schedule.

What is hosting?

If you've been on an adventure or have a cool idea for an independent one, you can earn money by sharing it for anyone in the world to follow. Ventoura gives you the tools to host an independent adventure without actually being there, giving you the ability to scale sales and earn passively.

Hosting in 3 steps


List an adventure, for free

Share any independent adventure without sign-up charges, from around the world trips to local adventures and everything in-between.


Create an adventure, your way

Create and curate an independent adventure page that is unique to you. Highlight your expertise, add high-quality photos and unique experiences.


Do what you love (and get paid)

Turn your passion into profit. As long as your adventure meets our quality standards, you can host and earn money without it feeling like a job.

What we can do for you

We have made it easy for you to edit and manage your adventure listings, reservations, messages, and shop from your dashboard with a comprehensive list of world-class features.

Ventoura also handles the supplier logistics in your adventure to enable you to earn passively and scale quickly.

  • Easy sign-up process with social media connect and admin profile
  • Create a listing with a step by step guide
  • Advanced search & filters to easily discover adventures
  • Manage listings with add, edit, publish & unpublish listings
  • Messaging for hosts to communicate with their prospect customers
  • Payment gateways and host commission payout
  • Manage reservations and all your transaction history
  • Online shop that lists all your adventures in one place
  • Security on booking with a verification process before booking
  • Guests can leave reviews & ratings after completing an adventure
  • Dedicated Account Manager for support & assistants

Why choose Ventoura?

Modern Technologies

Built with modern technologies like Reactjs to Redux, which makes Ventoura efficient and a strong marketplace to host your independent adventure.

Better User Experience

Advance UI component allows Ventoura to be user-friendly with high-class performance. UI is simple, sleek and easy to use.

Join our Network Effect

Our community of creators, travellers and influencers bring a high volume of traffic to one another's adventure listings through a sharing-economy model.

In the words of our creators


I first launched my Ventoura shop as a way to fund the travel content that I was putting out on a weekly basis. Now, I use Ventoura not only to fund content, but to discover my own next adventure and bring my fans on the journey with me.

Yacob, Travel Blogger from London, England.

The biggest thing I would hear from fans is that they wanted all the details on my travels including cost and where I'm going next, but I couldn't justify turning down better freelance work to create it. With Ventoura, now I can do both.

Joe, Youtuber from Bournemouth

Ventoura Affiliate Network

We partner with different networks directly and through third-parties to provide our publishers with the best inventory updates, real-time reporting, and integrated commission system.

How much can you earn?

We work on a 50% revenue share model, meaning we pay publishers half of the revenue that Ventoura makes per booking.

How much can influencers make?

Influencers: per 100,000 followers, you can expect to earn £1500-10000 per month in commission. (This is based on average 11 blog posts)


Do I have to host the adventure in person?

No. You don’t have to host travellers in person; independent adventures means they travel independently.

What’s the time commitment?

You can host as often as you like — feel free to adjust your dates and times until you find what works best for you.

Can I work with brands for my adventure listing?

Yes! We encourage our hosts to make good connections with brands listed in their adventure to ensure we get the best value out for our travellers.